Within the framework of two elective courses, students designed and realized variably usable outdoor furniture for the courtyard of the University of Applied Sciences. The basis of the 30 modules is formed by commercially available Euro pallets. Thus, the seating modules can be quickly and easily regrouped with the help of a lift truck and changed into different set-up variants. Three different heights allow a variety of configurations and uses. From a multitude of small seating groups, a compact grandstand for lectures, a 12-meter-long bar or a circular seating island with a central barbecue area can be created in no time at all.

University of Applied Sciences Mainz

Team / Design Students: Elective Course” Outdoor Campus“   202o und  2021
Project Lead Prof. Bernd Benninghoff
Site Management Mathias Ewald
Photography Martina Pipprich
Commissioned by University of Applied Sciences