The stage for the light and sound installation RESONATE was a large container boat. The hull of the ship formed the basis for an interactive experience space in the form of a space, light and sound installation.

“resonate” takes up the existing force of the steel ship’s walls as a resonating body by means of textile-coated, elastic sound strings, redirects them and bundles them in eight interactive objects. By interacting with the sound strings, the visitor can generate individual sounds that are visually translated into light waves.

University of Applied Sciences Mainz

Team Master Students „Kommunikation im Raum“ 2011/12
Project Lead Prof. Klaus Teltenkötter
Prof. Bernd Benninghoff
Consolidation Prof. Holger Reckter
Prof. Clemens Tropp
Prof. Elmar Konrad
University of Music Mainz Prof. Peter Kiefer
Site Management Mathias Ewald